Primary Battery Systems

Mercury Oxide, Silver Oxide, Zinc Chloride, Alkaline, Zinc Carbon, Lithium.

Many different primary battery systems offer a wide range of dimensions and capacities.

Capacity of batteries (mAh)

Zinc Carbon Alkaline Lithium
Micro - 1200 -
Mignon 1100 2800 3000
Baby 3100 8000 -
Mono 7300 18000 -
E-Block 400 600 1200


Lithium cells have the most power and are light weight, but expensive. Alkaline cells also have a lot of power, and they are cheap. They have about 2.5 times more power than Zink Carbon cells, and the price is nearly the same. But after a single use the batteries are empty and new ones have to be bought. Some electronic equipment requires batteries with 1.5 volts where accumulators with 1.2 volts can't be used. The self discharge of all battery cells is very low, so they can be stored over a long time period.


We recommend using 1.5v alkaline cells; preferably use Energizer, as they provide the most power; and the cheapest E-Block you can get, if you really need batteries.

Christoph Böhm TI4
Gregor Lotti NT4
Patrick Lotti NT4