Solar energy in use

This topic shows you applications, where solar energy is used. You have a lot of possibilities to transform solar energy in other energies. Here are some applications for using solar energy:

You can use solar energy to make hot water. The cold water from the bottom of your water tank is pumped to your solar collector heating system. The sun rays heat the water and the hot water returns to the top of your water tank. On the top of your tank the hot water pipeline is connected, so you can use this hot water in your water system of your house.

Solar energy can be used for pumping water out of the earth ground. Solar panels transform solar energy into electricity. A system converts this DC current into AC current. This electrical power feeds a motor pump.This pump pumps water into a water storage tank. So you can pump water by sunlight into the tank. When it is night you get water from the storage tank.

Solar pump station [source:pic]

You can use a photovoltaic solar system to power your electrical equipment at home. The solar modules on your roof are charged a battery and powered lower-power electrical equipment like lights, television and the radio e.g. .

Other use in low power equipment:

It's possible to charge the battery in your electric car with solar cells. You can place the solar module on the roof of your car. The module converts the sun rays into electrical current and load the battery. So you get an alternative to the fossil-fuel.

A filling station for electrical cars [source:pic]

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